Are Winjet lights street legal?

Please note that our lights may not conform to all federal or state regulations. We make no warranties or representations about compliance with laws, and we are not responsible for any loss or injury caused by improper use of our lights. Please use our products safely and responsibly.
How can I prevent condensation?

To prevent condensation, make sure to install the light bulb socket back on to the tail light housing.

Can I install HID lights into headlights or fog lights?

Our lights have not been tested for HID's, and installing them will void your warranty. You may install them at your own risk
ls there an installation guide?

We provide the latest installation videos on our Winjet Youtube Channel. Please visit l9-rgofuQ to access our installation videos.

Are the fog light lenses made of glass or plastic?

Most of our lights have plastic lenses, although there are some that are glass. For more information, please contact us or give us a call.