MAP Policy


To All distributors and resellers of Winjet products,

We are here to inform you that you have violated Winjet Automotive’s MAP policy which takes place effective officially at 5/6/2016.

Please keep in mind, distributors/resellers that have violated Winjet Automotive’s MAP policy must update the listing price at all commercial market places or any web sites immediately without any delay. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to take actions immediately.

From time to time Winjet Automotive reserves the right to discontinue models or engage in promotions with respect to certain product models. In such events, Winjet Automotive may at its discretion, modify or suspend the MAP with respect to the affected products by notifying all dealers and distributors of such a change.

Please be noted that MAP does NOT establish maximum advertised prices. All distributors or resellers may offer the specified products at any price in excess of the MAP established.

MAP policy is enforced to all distributors / resellers on whoever uses/lists Winjet Automotive name(s), trademarks, logo(s), image (s), or product name(s) and Winjet SKU number(s).

Intentional and/or repeated failure to abide by this policy will result in termination of ownership of authorized distributors / resellers of Winjet Automotive and suspension of trade program benefits or discounts. Winjet Automotive does not intend to do business with distributors / resellers who degrade the integrity of Winjet Automotive or Winjet’s products. Winjet Automotive will not provide additional notice after this first (1st) violation reminder.

  • First Violation: Winjet Automotive or its Distributor will issue a warning/reminder to the retailer or reseller, and Winjet Automotive or its Distributor may, at its own discretion and without any liability under any existing contracts or agreements, cease all programming benefits or discounts in place or supplying the retailer or reseller with the offend products for a period not less than thirty (30) days.
  • Second Violation: Winjet Automotive or its Distributor may, at its own discretion and without liability under any existing contracts or agreements, initiate the process to terminate the retailer or reseller authorization to sell ALL Winjet Automotive products.

We truly hope this reminder would be helpful, and hope you’ll be able to relax and enjoy reasonable profit by distributing / reselling Winjet Automotive products. Winjet Automotive will continue to protect all authorized distributors / resellers and monitor any violation with the subject of MAP.

If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative immediately. Our sales representatives are available from 8:30am to 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Winjet reserves the right to withdraw or change this Policy at any time and without notice.