OEM Aftermarket Fog Light Wiring Kit Installation

This wiring kit applies only to the fog light set which it comes packaged with. The application of different fog lights for different vehicles may require a different wiring kit. Before beginning installation, you are expected to carefully read the instructions.

1. Certain tools are required to ensure proper installation. This installation requires and is not limited to an adjustable wrench, nippers, flat-tip screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, clip remover, shop towel, cardboard or blanket.

2. Bind all harnesses together so that they do not move around loosely, otherwise the harnesses may break or short circuit – accidents, electric shocks, or fire may occur.

3. When connecting the harnesses or plugs, insert the connectors firmly until they lock securely into place.

4. Disconnect the ( Negative - ) terminal of the battery before installation. Make sure that lamps, air conditioner and other devices are switched off.

Note: Radio presets and clocks may be reset when disconnecting the battery cable. Write your presets down prior to disconnecting the battery cable.

5. Open the hood and remove the front bumper if necessary. Then install your fog lights to their proper positions.

6. If removal of inner fender wall is required, turn your steering wheel left and right to create clearance if needed.

7. Route the main wiring harness through the engine bay to the lamp and connect with bulb. Attach relay to relay connector, then attach black wire terminal (Negative - ) to the car frame to create a ground circuit. Attach red wire (Positive + ) of main wiring harness to (Positive + ) of the battery node or to the (Positive node of the fuse box.

8. Route the main wiring harness through the firewall, then connect to the switch wiring harness. (Attach harnesses together with the bullet plugs.

9. Find an appropriate location to mount the switch. It’s usually on the dashboard but some locations may be near the hand brake.

10. Remove the driver’s dashboard lower panels if necessary, then find the ignition wire of the switch harness. Connect the car’s ignition wire with the (Positive + ) (red) ignition plug of the switch harness.

Note: Some car will not have a plug so you will need to tap into the car’s ignition wire and connect with the ignition wire of the switch harness.
Then attach the black (Negative -) wire to the frame to create a ground circuit. Then attach the on/off switch to the switch cable.

11. Push the fog light switch to the “ON” position. (Indicatorin switch will light up.)

12. Adjust the light height according to local laws and regulations.

13. If the fog lights don’t turn on, check the fuse on the wiring kit, and the grounding to wire.

14. The fog lights lenese may cloud when the outside temperature is cold. This is normal and will dissipate when the amient fog light temperature stabilizes.

15. Do not touch the blub with your bare hand. The oil on your skin will shorten the bulb’s life.

16. The bulb becomes very hot during operation and will remain hot after it’s off. Please wait for bulb temperature to decrease before changing them.

Installation Guide for Winjet LED Tail Lights for the 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma

When installing the lights, please follow the step to step instruction below:

Disconnect battery.
Double check to make sure the pins on the Winjet LED Tail Light are straight and in line with their respective grooves on the plugs.
Double check to make sure the plug on your vehicle harness is clean and free of any loose debris.
When connecting the factory harness to your new Winjet LED Tail Light, please match the WHITE wire on your factory harness to the BLACK wire on your new Winjet LED Tail Light.
Install the lights and reconnect the battery.
For your convenience, we have also uploaded an installation video that can be found at:

Installation Guide for Winjet 2015-2017 Ford Mustang Front Grille with DRL / Fog Lights

When installing the grille, please refer to the PDF attachment below:

WJ70-0613-DRL / WJ70-0613-FL Installation Guide PDF

If you have any further questions on installing your new lights, please feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you: (626) 369-2121