Q. Are the black / smoke lens legal for street use?

All merchandise is aftermarket and intended for off-road or show purposes use only unless the items were marked/bear with a DOT/SAE mark on the items itself. Smoke / Black lens might not be legal in some states. Buyer assumes responsibility for violations of local laws and regulations that may result from the use of merchandise. Please make sure to check your local laws and research the item to make sure you are purchasing the correct items. Winjet will not be responsible for any legal issues arising from the usage of any items.

Q. Are the lights street use legally?

Winjet automotive products are manufactured to meet the highest manufacturing and quality standards, and are not replicas of original vehicle lights, therefore, the parts do not conform to all applicable federal or state regulations concerning the brightness or appearance of automotive lamps. Such regulations include, but are not limited to, federal motor vehicle safety standard no. 108, society of automotive engineers (SAE) standard J578, SAE standard J583 fog lamp recommended practice, and various state laws and regulations.

Furthermore, improper use could result in death, serious bodily injury or property damage.
Winjet Automotive makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, about compliance with any federal or state laws or regulations governing the appearance or brightness of the products. Winjet Automotive is not responsible for loss or injury caused by the improper use of this light, and individuals who ignore this warning do so at their own risk and may suffer injury, or cause injury to others.

Q. Why is there fog in my lights?

The fog you see in your light is condensation. This occurs when ambient temperatures inside the lights differ vastly from environment temperature. This causes gaseous water molecules inside the light to condense. There are gaseous water molecules in normal breathing air which are in the lights also. Condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs everywhere.

Q. Is there an installation guide?

Please visit our Winjet Youtube Channel for the latest install videos:

Q. Can I install HID lights into headlights or fog lights?

Our lights have not been tested for HID's. You may install them at your own risk although this will void your warranty.

Q. Are the fog light lens made out of glass or plastic?

Most of our lights have plastic lenses, there are some that are glass. Please contact us or call us for product details.

Q. How to prevent condensation?

Make sure to install the light bulb socket back on to the tail light housing.